Hawaiʻi Island has a wealth of knowledge. Our rich Hawaiian culture blankets our remote living laboratory in aloha and natural resource abundance.

The following presenters shared their awareness, techniques and ideas worth spreading on at TEDxHilo February 4th, 2012 in Hilo, Hawaii.

TEDxHilo 2012 – Individual Presentations
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“Visioning the Future through the Eyes of the Past – One Traditional Hawaiian perspective on sustainability and abundance.”
-Kumu Leilehua Yuen


“Committed to Nutritional Farming”
-Dr. Jana Bogs


“Biochar and the Future of Farming”
-Josiah Hunt


“Education for the Future: School Gardens and Sustainability Education for Hawaii Island”
-Nancy Redfeather


“Regenerative Capitalism”
-Michael Kramer


“Natural Farming & Food Security”
-Sherri Miller


“KuÊ»okoÊ»a – Freedom From Fossil Fuel”
-Richard Ha


“Inspiring the next generation of Green Power Heroes”
-Susan Cox


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