TEDxHilo Sponsor and Partner Opportunities

TEDxHilo is the event dedicated to ideas worth spreading. TEDxHilo events attract intellectually curious people who are ready to put ideas into immediate practice. Aligning your brand with TEDxHilo provides many opportunities during the event and throughout the year as we reinforce your brand before during and after the TEDxHilo event. We consider our sponsors, “partners” in spreading ideas across Hawaii.

We’re attracting sponsors interested in the arts, sustainability and entertainment. The ideal sponsor would like to help build our island’s intellectual capital while providing a connection between our attendees and our sponsor’s brand. This one minute video helps explain, “Why TEDx” while this 9 minute video helps clarify the role of partnerships within TEDx events like TEDxHilo.

Our theme this year is RE:Generation.

RE:Generation intends to inspire and promote ideas creating awareness, acceptance and application of solutions to HawaiÊ»i Island’s toughest challenges.
RE:Generation honors the past, while caring for the present and respecting our future together on Hawaiʻi Island.
If you like the idea of TEDxHilo and would like to partner, we invite you to drop us a note. We’ll respond quickly to answer your questions. If you’re working within a tight budget but still interested in partnering with TEDxHilo, please consider signing up for one of a limited number of packages we’re offering below.

In addition to title event sponsors, TEDxHilo offers the following partnership packages for qualified applicants:

Corporate – $2000

  • 10 TEDxHilo Tickets
  • Premium banner placement at venue (No banners allowed inside presentation hall.)
  • Customized TEDxHilo Web page with your company name and logo
  • Premium logo placement in TEDxHilo video recordings (Beginning 3 seconds)
  • Listing in TEDxHilo website (2 separate locations)
  • Placement in social media announcements (5 on Facebook)
  • Placement in email blasts (3 separate emails)
  • Placement on all Flyers and Invitations (5 versions)

Business – $1000

  • 5 TEDxHilo Tickets
  • Banner placement at TEDxHilo event
  • Customized TEDxHilo Web page with your company name and logo
  • Inbound text link of your choice to your company’s website
  • Website listing and link in TEDxHilo materials
  • Five social media mentions (Aug., Sept., Oct. and 2 mentions in Nov.)
  • All email blasts (2 blasts in Nov.)

Advocates – $500

  • 2 TEDxHilo Tickets
  • Website listing and link in TEDxHilo materials

Attendee tickets are available by invitation for $100 each.

Note: Sponsor information will be published on this website starting in August and will run for one year on a separate “Sponsor” page linked from the homepage. TEDxHilo Sponsors will remain on this site as long as this site is published. Each year, last year’s sponsors will be added to a “Past Supporters” page.