TEDxChange - The Big Picture - April 5th - Volcano Hawaii


TEDxChange 2012 Running Order

Location: Trafo in Berlin, Germany

Date: April 5th, 2012

Timezone: CEST


These are not the exact times of our event in Volcano, HI.

Our event at the Volcano Art Center will start at 4pm HST and run until 8pm. 

This is strictly a courtesy post so folks can better understanding the timing of the event in Berlin so we can coordinate the timing at our local event in Volcano.

In Berlin, Germany… 

  • 4:45pm: Doors open.
  • 5:00pm: Registration.
  • 5:24pm: Housekeeping announcements.
  • 5:25pm: Livestream begins.
  • 5:30pm: Introduction from Chris Anderson.
  • 5:32pm: Chris Anderson introduces Jeff Chapin.
  • 5:34pm: Jeff Chapin’s talk.
  • 5:52pm: Chris Anderson introduces Sven Giegold
  • 5:54pm: Sven Giegold’s talk.
  • 6:12pm: Chris Anderson introduces Revolutionary Optimists video.
  • 6:14pm: Revolutionary Optimists video.
  • 6:18pm: Chris Anderson discusses video, shows photos from TEDxChange satellite events, and introduces Theo Sowa.
  • 6:22pm: Theo Sowa’s talk and possibly a brief interview with Chris Anderson.
  • 6:32pm: Chris Anderson introduces Baaba Maal.
  • 6:34pm: Baaba Maal plays music and gives a brief talk.
  • 6:40pm: Chris Anderson introduces Melinda Gates.
  • 6:42pm: Melinda Gates’ talk.
  • 7:00pm: Melinda Gates and Chris Anderson engage in a brief dialogue.
  • 7:02pm: Chris Anderson wraps up.
  • 7:03pm: End of event.