Presenter Pledge

Presenters Pledge

To provide the best possible experience for attendees and assist everyone involved behind the scenes, we humbly ask for your pledge to do the following;

✓ Read, Sign, Date and Email the Presenter Permission Release Form.

✓ Send your slide presentation for review two weeks before the event.

✓ Participate in calls and Skype meetings to review your presentation.

✓ Work with a presentation coach (if needed).

✓ Show up at the event site to rehearse on the date specified by the event organizer.

✓ Leave the stage within 20 minutes of entering the stage to allow for the next presenter to take the stage -unless asked to stay for questions, often indicated by a standing ovation by the attendees.

✓ Remain at the event throughout the day; at minimum, stay through the conversation break following your talk, so attendees can approach them and ask questions.

Mahalo a nui loa,
TEDxHilo Organizers

Additional Considerations

The TED Commandments

These ten tips are given to all TED Conference speakers as they prepare their TEDTalks. They can help your TEDx speakers craft talks that will have a profound impact on your audience.

  1. Dream big
    Strive to create the best talk you have ever given. Reveal something never seen and heard before. Do something the audience will remember forever. Share an idea that could change the world.
  2. Show us the real you
    Share your passions, your dreams, your fears. Be vulnerable. Talk about failure as well as success.
  3. Discuss complex issues in plain talk
    Don’t try to dazzle people with your intellect or speak in abstractions. Explain everything. Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific.
  4. Connect with people’s emotions
    Make us laugh! Make us cry!
  5. Don’t flaunt your ego
    Don’t boast. It’s the surest way to switch everyone’s attention off.
  6. No selling from the stage!
    Unless TED specifically asks you to do so, do not talk about your company or organization. Don’t even think about pitching your products or services or asking for funding from stage.
  7. Feel free to comment on other speakers’ talks, to praise or to criticize. Controversy energizes!
    Enthusiastic endorsement is powerful!
  8. Don’t read your talk
    Notes are fine. If the choice is between reading or rambling, then read.
  9. End your talk on time
    Doing otherwise is to steal time from the speakers who follow you. We won’t allow it.
  10. Rehearse your talk in front of a trusted friend for timing, clarity and impact.
You may also find the TEDxHilo Presenter Guidelines slideshow helpful.
Note: Based on a previous event.

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