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Countdown – Global Launch

Join Us virtually from Mountain View, Hawaii via

More than 50 speakers in five curated sessions that combine TED’s signature blend of actionable and research-backed ideas, cutting-edge science, and moments of wonder and inspiration.

Tune in on 10.10.2020 on TED’s channel on YouTube. In the meantime, sign up to get updates and reminders.

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TED Audacious Project

How can nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and individuals join forces to impact the future?

TED Announces the Audacious Project

TED Curator Chris Anderson unveils an exciting new collaboration to fund bold ideas.

For the past three years, a group of foundations and individuals has been working with TED to design a new model for turning bold ideas into action. It’s been tried and tested, and it’s already delivering exciting results. With today’s announcement, we’d like to share our thinking behind this initiative and open the doors for others to participate.

Large-scale change depends to a huge degree on people with a special mindset: entrepreneurs. They have the ability to imagine a better future and the courage, ingenuity, persuasiveness and determination to make that future real. Entrepreneurs can choose one of two main paths: for-profit (business entrepreneurs) or nonprofit (social entrepreneurs). In today’s world, those two paths will take them on radically different journeys.

TEDxHiloChange 2013 at UH Hilo

Introducing the TED Residency

We are excited to give you the inside scoop on a brand-new program at TED!

Introducing the TED Residency

Are you working on something that deserves wider exposure? Do you draw insights and inspiration from people in other fields? And have you dreamed of giving a TED talk but don’t know how to get it—or yourself—onto our radar? Well, here’s your chance. Now that TED is moving into its new state-of-the-art headquarters in New York’s Soho, there will be room to add new members to our in-house community, courtesy of a brand-new program: the TED Residency. Could one of these Residents be you?

If you are one of the first 25 people chosen as a TED Resident, you will spend four months at TED HQ developing your idea, supported by the TED team, plus its extended family of amazing humans, and of course your fellow Residents. We’ll provide office space and technical assistance; you’re responsible for your own room and board, travel, and living expenses.

You’ll present your idea worth spreading in TED’s brand-new theater—and yes, you can invite friends to cheer you on. Also, your talk will be considered for use on, and the contacts you’ll make just might change your life. Apply today for this remarkable opportunity!

As a valued TEDx’er, the TED Residency is developed with you in mind. Think of the amazing possibilities this Residency can create, and how it might extend your idea or project, or those from members of your own local community. With our global reach, there are countless ways that we can change the world together. We hope you’ll consider applying, or pass this on to the rest of your TEDx community.
The TEDx Team

The TED2016 speaker lineup is live!

Don’t miss your chance to hear from these amazing speakers.

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TED 2016

Special highlights include:

  • Former Vice President Al Gore: He previously focused the world’s attention on the global climate crisis. Now he’s here to show us how we’re moving towards real solutions.
  • TED Prize winner (and TEDxBirmingham organizer) Sarah Parcak: Don’t miss the huge moment where this 2016 TED Prize winner presents her wish to the world!
  • Global relief mobilizer (and bad-ass) Afshan Khan: Khan leverages humanitarian aid to empower those in crisis. As UNICEF’s director of emergency programs, her mission is to preserve the rights and well-being of children around the world.

Read more about the TED2016 speakers and don’t forget that you can collaborate with other TEDxLive events in your area to show the full 3-day program of TED2016. More information is available on the TEDxLive page. Let’s Do This Hilo!

A Brief History of the Secret Prisons in the United States

Japanese internment camps

Perhaps the most notorious use of this parallel legal system was the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II. All Japanese adults were required to complete a questionnaire to evaluate their “Americanness,” and the final two questions directly assessed their loyalty to the United States.

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