TED Audacious Project

How can nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and individuals join forces to impact the future?

TED Announces the Audacious Project

TED Curator Chris Anderson unveils an exciting new collaboration to fund bold ideas.

For the past three years, a group of foundations and individuals has been working with TED to design a new model for turning bold ideas into action. It’s been tried and tested, and it’s already delivering exciting results. With today’s announcement, we’d like to share our thinking behind this initiative and open the doors for others to participate.

Large-scale change depends to a huge degree on people with a special mindset: entrepreneurs. They have the ability to imagine a better future and the courage, ingenuity, persuasiveness and determination to make that future real. Entrepreneurs can choose one of two main paths: for-profit (business entrepreneurs) or nonprofit (social entrepreneurs). In today’s world, those two paths will take them on radically different journeys.