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Brent Norris

September 13, 2013

TEDxHilo 2013 has been postponed. Event organizers reached a general consensus to postpone the event in an effort to provide the highest quality presenters and experience to all attendees.

We’re committed to bringing you an amazing TEDxHilo. As soon as we get a new date, we’ll post it here (and everywhere else).

Mahalo for your support!

Organizer meetings continue. If you’re interested in getting involved, please let us know.

TEDxHilo Organizer Meeting Update

Last night’s meeting
In attendance: Jennifer, Andrew, Neal and Lars(via Google Hangout). Really productive brainstorming on event theme, date and venue. In your absence we made some decisions and we’d like your input to be sure we’re not making any mistakes.
We used the d-school brainstorming method to come up with a theme title of, “RE:Generation” and an event date of “September 21st” and we’re looking into holding the event at the “University of Hawaii Hilo“. 
September 21st, 2013
University of Hawaii at Hilo
Looking for your input especially regarding the date. Our next step is to reserve the space and announce the broad details. Does anyone want to propose a sub-title? Anyone know why Saturday 09/21/13 might possibly be a bad day? Benefits, like: International Peace Day. Any on-island events that might conflict? Any input = good input.
The next organizer meeting is scheduled for May 1st, 6pm at the Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo. Please help us organize by choosing one or more roles on the volunteer form on the TEDxHilo website. 
Replies to the RE:Generation theme have all been positive so far:
“I think that theme is great! I love double entendres.”

“I like RE:Generation. Without more information on the theme it’s tough, but

as far as sub-titles, how about   -RE:Connect, RE:Commit, RE:Create