Aloha TEDx Fans on Hawaii Island!

As we gear up for 2013 events, we’re on the lookout for folks interested in getting involved in local TEDx events on HawaiÊ»i Island. We’d love your involvement.

More than watching TED Talks, organizing or sponsoring a local TEDx event helps raise our community awareness of issues important to our way of life. By contributing your time or money you’re moving ideas worth spreading off the computer and into the hearts and minds of attendees.

“Presence” is often necessary and always illuminating for everyone involved in TEDx events. We take smalls steps towards our goals and raise our combined consciousness. It’s powerful education and really easy to get started.

We’re not asking for your time right now. Just a note from you indicating your interest in supporting TEDxHilo. When the time comes for our first meeting, we’ll send you another note to see if you’re still interested in being involved in TEDx.

The online form takes about 30 seconds to complete. Try it out!