Build Your Own Custom TEDTalks DVD

Perfect for folks with slow connections in rural Hawaiʻi, this new TED feature allows you to create a custom DVD of TEDTalks that you want to watch.

Build Your Own Custom TEDTalks DVD!


From TED…

By putting our TEDTalks online for free, we’ve helped spread ideas to over half a billion viewers. But not everyone has access to the internet, nor are they necessarily tech-savvy enough to stream talks when they do. There are times when you need to watch talks off-line. And our DVDs – think of them as ‘mix tapes’ of talks – are a simple alternative: inexpensive, highly personalized and easy to play on any DVD player.

Each disc holds up to six talks, each with the option to order with subtitles in up to 32 languages.  DVDs, available for $9.99, can be shipped to and watched in any region of the world.