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Get Involved

Mahalo for considering your involvement with TEDxHilo.

This is a grassroots effort. Volunteer organizers are needed for this event. We humbly request your help to organize, produce and deliver TEDxHilo.

The connections you make at TEDxHilo will last a lifetime. The knowledge, expertise and perspectives are capable of condensing years of information into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest.

We need immediate and promotional support now to launch our marketing and ticket sales efforts.

Specific needs from the community:

  • Media Professionals to alert their channels, attend and report.
  • Community Business Leaders to get involved in the discussion to shape ideas for business leading towards job creation.
  • Community mentors to help assure smooth delivery of TEDxHilo from multiple perspectives.
  • Hawaii County Council and Administration and departmental support.
  • Sponsors willing to contribute to the event to assure the highest quality standards can be met and exceeded.
  • University of Hawaii faculty, administration, student and staff involvement.
  • Accounting support to help with pre and post event fiscal reporting. You’ll be responsible for reporting to our sponsors and the organizers.
  • On-site volunteer coordinators. You’ll setup and run a volunteer mtg at the event to communicate all volunteer responsibilities to the right volunteers.
  • Attendee liaisons to help folks find seats and answer basic questions. You’ll be responsible for making sure everyone has a great time watching and participating in the event. Specifically we want folks that can help start conversations between attendees.
  • Someone to escort presenters off the stage after their presentation. You will lead them to their designated discussion areas in the lobby of the venue. You’ll be instrumental in starting the post-presentation discussion.
  • Sound engineers and support to help with setup and take down. You’ll be responsible for making sure we make sweet music together and folks can clearly hear the presentations.
  • Multimedia support services to help setup projectors, screen and computers running slide shows. You’ll be responsible for visuals that display as intended and making the attendees eyes get big and filled with TEDxHilo joy.
  • Writers and online marketers to help get the word out!
  • Print designers to produce collateral materials for distribution pre and post event. You’ll be responsible for making us look great in print at the forum and around town before the event. Your art will help sell tickets.